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  • Carolin Sadrozinski

Tektit's growing (up)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Every journey has a start. 2019, after their last employment, Jacob and Timo spent six months climbing and thinking about "What is next?". They were open to everything (almost) - under three conditions: 1) The next step should be together. 2) It should be something of their own because they could never really do what they deemed “right” in the past. And: 3) It should be fun.

Fun, freedom, friendship - this does not necessarily lead to consultancy. But Jacob and Timo realized what they are really good at: Building digital products and teams around specific issues. And consultancy seems easy to start: two people with two laptops and off we go.

On October, 17, 2019, Tektit was founded. The first (and at the time only) employee was Dennis. The two founders were freelancing at their own company. First client was through their network, a mid sized German company, where they started with an architecture review. The second project was with a large international IT consultancy company and took almost six months with Jacob and Timo working five days per week there. It took them almost two years to verbalize the purpose of Tektit which started as: "We want to build a company in which people actually want to work and can do the things they deem right - a company that doesn't drive us nuts" - became a challenging aspiration:

We create a world in which work makes people happy and fulfilled!"

The company developed from a bunch of friends - Dennis, Timo and Jacob - into TEKTIT. A company that puts the happiness and fulfillment of co-workers (Tektitans) and clients into the centre of all actions and grows in all dimensions: projects, team members, culture and internal processes. Today Tektit enables companies and organizations to find root causes, close skill gaps and train clients' teams.

Tektit is looking forward to more Tektitans and like minded clients joining in the ongoing journey.

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